Excellent article about the relationship between science and the Catholic Church:

Useful websites/books for mental and physical health information:
I recommend this website purely for its sections on ‘Tools’ and the ‘Drug Search’ option, which are especially useful. The ‘Blog’ section gets many things right, especially in relation to highlighting the misuse of the scientific method, but it verges into anti-Catholic rhetoric and has a undercurrent of Marxist ideology so I would avoid this section of the website.

Pharmageddon‘ – Prof David Healy

Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma Corrupted Healthcare‘ – Prof Peter Gotzsche

Useful websites/books for trying to understand and live the Catholic faith: – on the vital importance of Our Lady of Fatima’s message – for an online version of the Douay Rheims Bible

‘Introduction to the Devout Life’ – St. Francis de Sales

‘Peace of Soul’ – Bishop Fulton Sheen

‘The Imitation of Christ’ – Thomas A. Kempis

‘How to Be Happy, How to Be Holy‘ – Fr Paul O’Sullivan