(Please note: I am no longer providing counselling sessions. Rather, I am using this website and the blogs I write on it as a form of Catholic apostolate focused on exposing the errors of modern psychological approaches to distress and directing people toward the real solution to the problems of life, i.e. directing people away from toxic error and toward the Catholic Faith).

‘Man is tethered, spirit free, What spirit is, man can be.’ – ‘Spirit’ by Michael Scott, The Waterboys

You will know the truth and the truth will make you free.’ (John 8:32)

True freedom cannot be obtained without knowing the truth. 

One can battle with the truth and try to morph it into one’s preferred way of viewing the world but one can not change the truth.

One can kick out at or try to reject reality but it will snap back at you eventually. 

As Aristotle says, ‘The least deviation from truth will be multiplied later a thousandfold.’

Facing the truth is often not an easy thing to do but it is the only option we have if we are to be truly free.

Truth and Freedom Therapy (TFT) is based on three foundations – Common Sense, Science and the Catholic Faith 


Common Sense:

A handful of common sense is worth a bushel of learning’ – Traditional Proverb

The service I provide is grounded in Common Sense.

Common sense tells us that our current ideas about and treatments for distress aren’t working as rates of psychological distress continue to increase. We can see with our own eyes that our culture and society is falling apart around us, e.g. number of homeless people, huge rates of psychiatric prescriptions, children committing suicide, etc. The reality of our broken culture is staring us in the face but we have lost touch with the truth. This service is for those beginning to see this and/or those affected by our broken culture and struggling to make sense of it all. The service has been further developed through ten years of practical experience providing psychological interventions in the mental health and addiction fields.


Every theory which discredits the true nature of man or denies the need of a Divine Remedy is only intensifying the disease which it attempts to cure. The psychopathic messes into which many tumble are due either to a want of a knowledge of human nature or to a want of a genuine religion.’  – Bishop Fulton Sheen (‘Peace of Soul’)

While I have worked in the mental health and addiction fields, I have used Science and the Scientific Method to analyse current mainstream approaches.  This systematic analysis points to the fact that our current approaches are making the situation worse.  In my professional roles, I have seen how the distortion of truth leads to cruel and harmful approaches to psychological distress. I have seen how once man’s true dignity is not recognized, then he is treated as little more than a beast, especially when he refuses to accept the ‘truth’ of the professional.

The Catholic Faith and the Spirit of Liberty:

All men naturally desire liberty’ – St Thomas Aquinas

While conducting research in a university on the World Values Survey, I discovered that one’s sense of freedom is the largest contributor to one’s life satisfaction.  I then discovered that the group that rates themselves as most free are Catholics. As St Paul says, ‘Now the Lord is a spirit: and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty’ (2 Cor, 3:17).  Science affirms what the Catholic faith teaches.

Lost in the fog?

Blogs on this website are provided for those who are seeking truth and freedom and who are struggling in this life. For Catholics, it is designed to help you to see what is stopping you from experiencing this spirit of liberty. For non-Catholics or lapsed Catholics, it is an invitation to test out and grapple with what I share above.  Above all, it is for those souls struggling to navigate in the stormy sea of life and who are being tossed and thrown in numerous directions.

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat (Irish Saying – ‘May the road rise to meet you’)